School Day (授業のある日 Jugyō no aru hi) is the first episode of This Twisted World.


Xerina Arochi goes to school. When school ends, she goes to the Sakura Forest and spots something shiny. She goes towards it and puts her hand through. She falls. She finds herself in another world. A boy and a girl approach her. They asked her what village she's from. She doesn't understand. In the real world her friends try to find her. Fuu finds the weird thing and falls through it. She ends up where Xerina was at.

Charecters Edit

  • Xerina Arochi 
  • Fuu Suna
  • Jaijai Hasuka 
  • Dedanami Agama
  • Fene Jo(boy)
  • Hasuka Kumi(girl)


Welcoem To The Ninja World



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