Xerina Arochi Edit

In school, Xerina has a white shirt, black tights, black shoes, and long dark green hair. In the ninja world, she has a grey sleeveless shirt, a dark purple skirt, white tights, black boots, and blue shoulder length hair.

Fuu SunaEdit

In school, Fuu has a black long sleeved shirt, a grey apron skirt, black shorts, dark grey boots, and black elbow length hair. In the ninja world, she has a white sleeveless shirt showing her stomach, a white apron skirt, fishnet tights, white sandals, white elbow protecters, and teal chin length hair.

Dedanami AgamaEdit

In school, Dedanami has a dark blue shirt with buttons, black knee length pants, grey shoes, and black hair. In the ninja world, he has a beige short sleeved shirt, grey knee length pants, black sandals, and red hair.

Jajai HasukaEdit

In school, Jaijai has a sleeveless dark red shirt, a black jacket, black shorts, black boots, and short brown hair. In the ninja world, she has a red short sleeved qipao dress, brown tights, blue sandals, and long orange hair.

Hasuka KumiEdit

Hasuka has a pink long sleeved shirt with cuts on the shoulder, a black skirt, black boots, and light brown chin length hair.

Fene JoEdit

Fene has a orange shirt, a grey jacket, black shorts, blue sandals, and green hair.

Interlude SpecialsEdit

Review of Season OneEdit

In this special, Xerina and the others have on their ninja outfit after graduating the Academy.


Xerina has the Konoha headband on her forehead and she replaces her grey shirt with a red qipao top.


Fuu has on the Taki headband on her arm right above her elbow protecter on her right arm. The rest of her outfit stays the same.


Dedanami has the Kumo headband around his head and replaces his shirt with the Kumo flak jacket and a black shirt under his flak jacket.


Jaijai has the Yuki headband around her neck and replaces her dress with a red qipao top and her black tights stay.


Hasuka has the Konoha headband around her neck and the rest is the same.


Fene has the Konoha headband on his left arm and replaces his shirt with a dark red one.